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CancerGene Connect: San Antonio Surgeon First to Use New Cancer Mapping Software

Dr. Maria Palafox selected as first breast surgeon in the U.S. to use cutting-edge cancer mapping

Modern medicine is providing more tools for patients to take control of their health. Advancements in genetic testing have brought hope to many women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Dealing with the illness of a close family member is never easy, but knowing the medical history of your loved ones can help you prepare for your own future.

Now, science has brought us a new advancement that perhaps brings even greater promise than genetic testing.  It is called CancerGene Connect, and is a mathematical model that assesses your 5 year and lifetime risk of getting breast cancer and/or of having a genetic mutation.

This new mapping software allows you to partner with your doctor to create a more complete picture of your breast health. You don't have to go through it alone. Dr. Maria Palafox is the first breast surgeon in the United States to be selected to use this model, and is an expert on CancerGene Connect, helping patients to understand what these risk models mean for individual patients and providing care options.

Why Use Cancer Mapping?

In the past, much of a patient's time with her physician was spent documenting her family history. Using this data, clinicians ran complicated statistical models to determine breast cancer risk, both in the short term and throughout a patient's lifetime. With CancerGene Connect, patients can fill out a family history on their own time, saving those precious moments with their clinician to discuss their health options. Also, doctors benefit from CancerGene Connect's unique platform that runs detailed analysis once only available to medical researchers.

CancerGene Connect not only gives you more time to discuss your health with your doctor. It gives your care providers cutting edge information that leads to care options and recommendations that are right for you, as an individual, given your unique health status and family history.

What Does CancerGene Connect Do?

Given the diversity of women, including their family history and health experiences, not every test will provide optimal information for each patient. That's why CancerGene Connect offers clinicians several models for breast cancer risk assessment. Depending on the option you use, you can learn your risk for developing breast cancer in the next five years or your lifetime, taking into account immediate family members or your broader family tree. One option provides information on the likelihood that you carry a mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, leading to greater likelihood of developing breast or ovarian cancer.

Models are chosen as much for the factors they leave out as for those that they include. Each individual's medical story is complex, with many factors contributing to an overall picture. Partnered with your doctor, you can narrow in on the information that's most relevant to your situation.

Learn More about CancerGene Connect Options in San Antonio & South Texas

Assessing breast cancer risk is only one step toward taking control of personal health. CancerGene Connect is an important tool, but it is best used under the guidance of a physician trained in its complicated analysis.

Dr. Maria Palafox is a breast surgeon and an expert in this analytical tool. By choosing to be at the forefront of this newly available technology, Dr. Palafox has shown a commitment to innovation in medicine and excellence in patient care. She can help guide you through the testing process and provide you with long-term options for breast cancer treatment and prevention.

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