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Easiest Weight-Loss Tip That Has Nothing to do with Food

San Antonio surgeon shares simple tip to steady results

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"If I could give up a pound for every article on weight loss I have read, I would be a Victoria Secret model." -Maria Palafox, MD

About one-third of Americans are overweight and another third are obese. If I could give up a pound for every article on weight loss I have read, I would be a Victoria’s Secret model. An article I read recently caught my attention enough that I am somewhat motivated to follow its recommendations, so I am going to throw it out there for

you. I will provide the disclaimer that I am still in the thinking

stages, but if I am willing to try it, I am hoping you will be too.

A recent study took 48 healthy but overweight volunteers and divided them into two groups. Both groups started on a weight loss plan, but one group did this...

See full article published in La Prensa here or download as pdf below...

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