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Resources for Laredo Breast Cancer Patients

by San Antonio breast cancer surgeon Dr. Maria Palafox

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A breast cancer diagnosis is certainly frightening, and it can make you feel like you don't know what to do next. It's important to realize, though, that various organizations can assist you. Whether you're unsure how you'll pay for medical care, or you want the name of an outstanding breast cancer surgeon in South Texas, there are many people who are eager to help.

Laredo Cancer Society

The Laredo Cancer Society was founded by Nancy Santos and Vero Urrabazo and made its debut in October 2015. These incredible women, together with board members Ronda De Valley, Dr. Mohsen Ghadimi-Mahani, and Sylvia Flores, are changes the lives of Webb County residents diagnosed with cancer. Patients can can turn to this amazing group for financial services and a host of other local resources. Their website is:, and Facebook page is:

Laredo Breast Cancer Coalition

For its part, the Laredo Breast Cancer Coalition works with women who lack health insurance, finding ways they can gain access to treatment. Meanwhile, the city's Pink To Do Breast Cancer Awareness Association raises funds for survivors and educates the public about this disease. The Laredo Breast Cancer Coalition's Facebook page is:

Border Beauty Supply

Many people who undergo chemotherapy suffer hair loss. If you're facing that situation, you could visit the highly reputable wig store Border Beauty Supply. This business also operates an outlet store in Laredo. At such a shop, you'll find a lovely and realistic substitute for your missing locks.

The Butterfly Boutique

Are you up for a little road trip? The Butterfly Boutique, a celebrated establishment in McAllen, is about a three-hour drive from Laredo. Alternately, you could order goods from its website. This store opened in 1986, and it sells a range of products for women who've undergone mastectomies, including special bras and swimsuits. The Butterfly Boutique prides itself on its homey atmosphere and attentive service.

Dr. Maria Palafox, Breast Cancer Surgeon in South Texas

Of course, top-notch medical professionals are extremely important resources for breast cancer patients. Dr. Maria Palafox is just such an expert. In fact, women from Laredo, McAllen, Harlingen, Del Rio and all across the southern part of Texas seek out her care.

Why is Dr. Palafox so highly regarded? Is it because many women prefer having a female breast cancer surgeon? This, combined with the fact that she speaks Spanish, is a huge reassurance for many patients, but a more accurate answer is that Dr. Palafox consistently delivers effective and personalized treatment. You won't find a more skilled or caring breast cancer surgeon in South Texas.

With Dr. Palafox's services, stores that cater to cancer patients, aid from nonprofits and the company of family and friends, the road to good health seems much more manageable.

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