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Resources for San Antonio Breast Cancer Patients

Dr. Maria Palafox, South Texas Breast Surgeon

As you start your breast cancer journey, you can count on Dr. Maria Palafox to give you the support, medical care and resources you need along the way. After all, you deserve compassion and care from an experienced team that has helped numerous patients overcome this diagnosis. As you wait for your appointment with a breast cancer surgeon, San Antonio has several resources you should consider. Here are some recommended ones.

Support Groups in San Antonio

After your diagnosis, and even as you receive treatment, you will likely want to talk to someone about your experience with breast cancer. Whether you want to learn more, get moral support or just make new friends who know what you're going through, there are some support groups in South Texas that can help.

One of them is the Keep Abreast Support Group. The women in this group meet in the evening on the first Monday of every month at San Antonio's Cancer Therapy and Research Center. There are actually two meetings, one of which is for women with any type of breast cancer and the other of which is for those with metastatic breast cancer. You can call (210) 365-1321 to find out more.

Another local option is Whole Life Wellness, which is offered as part of the Baptist Breast Center Survivorship Program. When you join this support group, you will have the opportunity to talk to other women who know about your struggle with breast cancer, because they are going through it too. This is where you can find out more about your treatment options, learn about any side effects to expect and talk to mentors who can support you. Call (210) 730-9615 to learn more about this breast cancer resource in San Antonio.

Prosthetic Bras and Wigs in San Antonio

If you have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy or plan to have one, wearing a prosthetic bra afterward might help you feel more comfortable as you heal. Fortunately, you have a few resources for this item in South Texas. And as a bonus, the same stores tend to carry wigs that work well for most cancer patients.

Lady Like Mastectomy Boutique carries a variety of products you might find useful after all or part of your breast tissue is removed. The products range from camisoles and bras of all kinds to custom-molded breast prostheses. It also carries compression garments for after your surgery, as well as a wide range of wigs, hairpieces and stylish headwear.

Another local store that carries prosthetic bras and more is The Pink Boutique. This shop also features compression garments, breast prostheses, swimwear, wigs, beanies and hats. Similarly, Contour Solutions is a popular place among San Antonio cancer survivors, because it carries compression therapy garments, mastectomy bras and swimwear, and breast prostheses.

If you're looking for local resources after you meet with your female breast cancer surgeon, South Texas is a great city to live in. And as Dr. Palafox has found, many women come from all over the state -- such as Laredo, McAllen, Harlingen and Del Rio -- to get treatment from this office and then shop at the local boutiques geared toward breast cancer patients. In addition, Spanish-speaking patients are always so happy to find out that Dr. Palafox is a native Spanish speaker. Call Dr. Palafox today for an appointment with a qualified female breast cancer surgeon. 

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