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Your "Pink" Money: 6 Things in 6 Minutes

Sharing cool breast cancer donation stories

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Today I thought I'd take 6 minutes and research 6 cool things that different people and companies are doing with all of your "pink" breast cancer donation dollars. If you have 1 minute, or 6, or 20, I'd love for you to share more stories publicly on my Facebook page:

6. Clinique will donate $10 from every Dramatically Different moisturizer purchased this month to breast cancer research.

5. Yoplait donates 10 cents for every pink foil yogurt lid you collect and mail in.

4. Delta Airlines has a "Pink Plane" known as "Breast Cancer One" that flew more than 140 employee breast cancer survivors from New York to Los Angeles.

3. Ann Taylor Loft has 4 pieces of jewelry dedicated just to breast cancer awareness, and they will donate 60% of the purchase price for every item sold to the Breast Research Cancer Foundation.

2. Panera is selling a special pink bagel all month where up to 100% of the sales proceeds in certain cities will be donated to local charities supporting breast cancer patients!

1. Avon makes grants to small hospitals so they can update their mammography equipment.

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